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Mystery Writers and Readers

Because no matter who you are or what you write, all mystery lovers bleed ink.

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Pandemic or no pandemic, writers gotta NaNo.

We want to make getting that word count a little more fun. Plus you're more likely to spend time scribbling and not scrolling with a buddy keeping you honest, right?

Join us on Sundays and Tuesdays in November for an hour of writing followed by half an hour of relaxing, chatting, and catching up with friends old and new. Sundays run from 2:30 - 4pm PT and Tuesdays from 6 - 7:30 PT. 

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We are excited about our plans for this community! They include:

  • NaNo Zoom Writing -- together, at home, getting words on the page. Cocktails optional!

  • Podcast and video conversations with our favorite authors about all things mysterious.

  • Book club hub.

  • Anthologies.

  • Staged readings.

  • And much more!

Join us for some Social Zoom Writing!

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