Jennifer + Laura

Jennifer Younger and Laura Brennan met when they were both on the board of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles. They went on to work together as co-chairs of the California Crime Writers Conference 2019 and realized they both had the same vision of a community of mystery writers that was all-inclusive, supportive, and just plain fun.

Jennifer Younger

Jennifer Younger writes noir fiction. As a young girl, Jennifer often traveled to southern Virginia to visit relatives. Their conversations became the inspiration for her stories. As an adult, her curious nature has led her into back-alley Los Angeles joints with its pimps, gangsters and guns where she continues to explore the worlds her characters inhabit. 


When not thinking of ways her characters can bump off the bad guy or seduce a good one, Jennifer can be found voraciously reading all genres of fiction. She is the Vice President of Mystery Writers of America, SoCal and a former board member of Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles. She continues to seek out the dirty secrets of small Southern towns, similar to the ones in which her stories take place.

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Laura Brennan

Laura’s eclectic career includes almost every storytelling medium, from theater, television, and film to web series, short stories, and video games. As a pitch and development consultant, Laura has worked behind the scenes on dozens of projects for television and film production companies. 


A graduate of Yale University, Laura has won awards for journalism, television writing, and fiction. Her children’s picture book, Nana Speaks Nanese, tackles a grandparent's memory loss in a reassuring and straightforward way. She hopes it will help families facing a diagnosis of dementia open up a conversation with their young children. Her web series, Faux Baby, is also for parents, but definitely not for children -- nor even safe for work.


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